So, I’m building this blog

I’m looking for ideas

So my thinking was hey, here is something most retired people can get behind and start to prepare for (it’s in May), National Day of Fitness for Seniors. This whole blog idea is a discovery for me, as a senior trying out different things and finding out how to make this blog the best it can be and provide value for others and myself.

Well, I was doing a bit of research on my topic which is seniors, retirement and health and ran across this website which is promoting sponsoring a “day of fitness”.


Apparently this has been going on for the last 27 years.  Who knew? Well, since I just retired in 2018 and most of last year was spent trying to figure out this transition, I haven’t really “plugged in” all the way to being “a healthy, retired senior.

I’m getting there though and I’m bringing you along for the ride if you are interested.


Here Is Another Interesting Link About Retirment

Still looking around and discovering a lot of resources out there for people who are either retired or thinking of retiring. Here is one website I think has a lot of useful information on it.



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