Staying Sane In Retirement



This is my story on how to retire, and still try to be or stay sane. My name is Kerry, and this is my story of working full time for a government agency, to retirement, to moving out of California to New Mexico. I love living in the desert. I graduated from a small desert community in the middle of the largest state park in California.

So it was a natural progression for me to gravitate to the desert. I am not a fan of cold, snowy weather or humidity; I grew up in Los Angeles (hope that explains things), so I need good weather.

Why I retired

Actually, I think I could have gone on working for at least another five (5) or so years. However, that didn’t work out as I had reached a crossroads mentally with my family, and work, butting heads.  Circumstances  did not allow me the peace of mind I needed to continue working. My health, my mental health and my well being became more important than money. So, what initially started out as a need to reflect, or gain perspective, ultimately turned into a permanent retirement, allowing me to move into the next phase of my life.

You can not under rate Sanity!

Absence of Work

So I’ve always wanted to write a book or do something like watercolors artistically; and I think I have the ability to “pay it forward” with my insights and self reflection. I know chronologically, I qualify as “old”, but I just don’t feel it, and think while I still have the desire to write, to blog, to reflect and to work on maintaining my health as a “senior member:” I can contribute something. This more for myself than others, but if others find some value or help in the topics I touch on then, we both benefit.

Healthy, Fit, Retired

Naturally, with time on our hands as “seniors”, being healthy enough to enjoy the time we have not working is a goal. My objective in this blog is to glean and find the best ways to promote and enhance healthy, fit engaged senior living. I have the time to devote to this and my topics will cover everything to do with helping to make this transition into retirement the best it can be. Of course the more healthy we are, the better everything is; so, a lot of this content will be about strategies and ways to create and maintain health as we grow older.

So hang on, perhaps you’ll want to come here over and over again to see how my journey is progressing.



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  1. A subject that so many people are thinking about today. And hearing it spoken (your prose is like someone is talking just to me) by someone who is living it, well just fascinating. Also I believe many folks will find it very helpful. Kudos!


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