Mental Health in Retirement

If you’ve had a chance to read any of my previous posts then you probably know that I am an advocate of several different things.  There were people (okay I didn’t know them personally) in my work environment who one day said goodbye to fellow collegues, and then went home and shot themselves. This is one issue, why do we ignore mental health, like being mentally in need is similar to being a leper in today’s society. Another of many questions I have, is why do we feel compelled to incarcerate the mentally ill? What is lacking in our society that makes it okay to ignore the mentally ill until they commit a crime and then we lock them up?  This is a topic I am going to return to often, because it is so misunderstood.

1 thought on “Mental Health in Retirement”

  1. Mental health is an under managed issue. I agree that it has always been a shunned medical issue. I think it is being more normalized these days with more push to seek treatments and to share with friends and family to establish the much needed support group.


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