Are Boomers Sociopaths?

If you’ve been following me on this journey with my blog, you know I am using this opportunity to explore my thoughts on retirement. However, one of the overriding factors in my life experience has been when I was born. I’ve been a ‘boomer’. All my life.  I’ve thought of myself as average, because growing … Read more

OMG, the Best Of Boomer Jokes!

Well, I am surfing the web and looking for ideas (like I’ve said before). It seems like the whole “boomer” think has gone nuts, here is a website that is “Best of” jokes about boomers! Following through on this idea of “Boomers” and them being too much of sticks in the mud to laugh at … Read more

Mental Health in Retirement

If you’ve had a chance to read any of my previous posts then you probably know that I am an advocate of several different things.  There were people (okay I didn’t know them personally) in my work environment who one day said goodbye to fellow collegues, and then went home and shot themselves. This is … Read more

Retirement Boom

So if everyone born between 1946 and 1964 (love how the numbers are reversed) retires sometime between now and 2030; we are going to experience a huge BOOM of retired people. Baby boom Retirement Crisis This huge group of people will need housing, income, recreation, and medical care. The biggest challenge will be to find … Read more

Baby Boomers are old

Just the other day I was on twitter, and I think I was reading some political thing, and all of a sudden I came across some snarky attitude with the statement “OK Boomer” which wasn’t done as a compliment. It was meant to point out that we are the “older” generation and, we are possibly … Read more

So, I’m building this blog

I’m looking for ideas So my thinking was hey, here is something most retired people can get behind and start to prepare for (it’s in May), National Day of Fitness for Seniors. This whole blog idea is a discovery for me, as a senior trying out different things and finding out how to make this … Read more

Staying Sane In Retirement

  Welcome! This is my story on how to retire, and still try to be or stay sane. My name is Kerry, and this is my story of working full time for a government agency, to retirement, to moving out of California to New Mexico. I love living in the desert. I graduated from a … Read more

My Retirement Milestones, Changes and Planning

Full time Work in a Prison It has been a long process making the transition to retirement from working full time.There have been several milestones leading up to my retirement. However, I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Let me start where things ended and began to change for me. I was working in … Read more