Are Boomers Sociopaths?

If you’ve been following me on this journey with my blog, you know I am using this opportunity to explore my thoughts on retirement. However, one of the overriding factors in my life experience has been when I was born. I’ve been a ‘boomer’. All my life.  I’ve thought of myself as average, because growing up in this huge bubble and mass of people all born at the same time; that is all I ever could be. We boomers are part of the post war stability that occured following WWII.

Just Average,  was a recurring thematic analysis throughout my 60+ years of life.When i was tested in school I invariably fell into the ‘average’ category. I guess when you think about it because there were so many of us, that was an okay place to be. Average is fine.

Recently in my searches for topics related to what growing up “boomer” meant, I ran across an interview article on with Bruce Gibney who wrote a book about how it isn’t the millennial fault or failings but actually it is because the boomers were and are sociopaths.

Boomers: Who are they? What did they do? Why does this man think they are sociopaths?

Mr. Bruce Gibney has written a book about boomers back in 2017. The title is catchy: A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America.  Now, I know a little about sociopaths, having worked in the prison system of California for 10+ years.

I found this article to be compelling and shocking to a degree. The instinct to label a whole generation with a psychological definition of sociopath is absurd.To Mr. Gibney’s credit he does qualify that he is not talking about ALL boomers but those who have dominated public and social outcomes for. For what it is worth, I think his underlying agenda is political. In the present climate of politics, I would wholeheartedly agree, it appears we have sociopaths running the country.
The claim of sociopath does shock enough to get the attention needed I suppose to create sales, or perhaps a conversation that deflects from the ongoing criticism of other generations. Why are we predisposed to find fault? This to me would be a better question to lob about and try to find an answer. Many of the complaints are very similar to the ones that the boomers made toward the generation before them.

Vox, did an interview with Mr. Gibney, as did several other news organizations. I’m going to explore some main points Mr. Gibney made about the boomers, and why he thinks we should think of them as sociopaths.

Destroyed the Social Fabric of America

Mr. Gibney points out in his introduction a list of traits that he feels makes the case for using the definition of sociopath to define where we are as a country now.

The complaint is that our social fabric has been destroyed by the boomers.

Have Bankrupted the Country

Again if you are relying on the current state of the country you will have to factor in things like Covid and where we are now.  However, to blame an entire generation of bankrupting the country is a bit over simplification.  Things never stay the same, and it is the same with countries and politics.  Some people look back at the fifties and romanticize them. Clearly they have no idea what it was really like; and it wasn’t pretty or the “Leave it to Beaver” idealized family atmosphere most people imagine it to have been.

Are we as a country bankrupt now?

No Appreciation of Social Solidarity

Now I can’t really imagine what he means by “Social Solidarity” but if he is talking about a country divided against itself then yes, that was happening during the late 60s and early 70s. Patriotism was and still is the rally cry. If you don’t advocate for some party line, then you are unpatriotic or even worse possibly socialist or communist.

Under Investment and Debt Accumulation

There is the presumption that debt is related to the boomer generation.  No way… it already existed and has existed since then.B

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